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Sweet Cherry Directory 

Burnette Foods Inc.

PO Box 128

Elk Rapids, MI 49629

Tel: (231) 264-8116

Fax: (231) 264-9597

Contact: Robert Sherman



Sweet Cherry Products: canned dark and  frozen dark sweet cherries

Countries Exporting Sweet Cherries to: Australia and Canada

Gray & Company

3325 W Polk Road

Hart, MI 49420

Tel: (231) 873-5628

Contact: Kelly Bowlin



Sweet Cherry Products: CherryMan Brand, Peninsula Premium, Paradise Brand Glace Cherries and Pennant Brand Glace Cherries

Countries Exporting Sweet Cherries to: Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Australia and Malaysia

Leelanau Fruit Co

2900 SW Bayshore Dr.

Sutton's Bay, MI 49682

Tel: (231) 271-3514

Fax: (231) 271-4367

Contact: Glenn LaCross



Sweet Cherry Products: Maraschino cherries, Cocktail cherries, Ice cream cherries, Frozen Black sweet cherries and IQF

Countries Exporting Sweet Cherries to: Canada 

Smeltzer Orchard Company

6032 Joyfield Road

Frankfort, MI 49635

Tel: (231) 882-4421

Fax: (231) 882-4430

Contact: Tim Brian



Sweet Cherry Products: IQF, DSP, Elliott Pitted Dark Sweet Cherries

Peterson Farms

3104 Baseline Road

Shelby, MI 49455

Tel: (503) 312-9074

Fax: (231) 861-2274

Contact: Chantal Wright



Sweet Cherry Products: IQF, Juice Concentrate, Puree

Cherry Central

P.O. Box 988
Traverse City, MI 49685

Tel: (800) 678-1860

Fax: (231) 941-4167

Contact: Bill Trudeau



Sweet Cherry Products: IQF, DSP, Elliott Pitted, Dark Sweet in Syrup, Puree, 


  • Tart cherries are seldom sold fresh, they are generally all processed

  • Tart cherries are bright red

  • Tart cherries are primarily grown in the Great Lakes states

  • Tart cherries contain significantly more antioxidants than sweet cherries (and many other health benefits)

  • The most well-known tart (sour) cherry variety is Montmorency 

  • Sweet cherries are sold fresh and some are processed as maraschino cherries or frozen for yogurt

  • Sweet cherries can be black, red/purple or yellow. The darker the cherry, the sweeter the taste.

  • Sweet cherries are primarily grown in the Pacific Coast states

  • Sweet cherries are enjoyed for their taste, not their health benefits

  • The most well-known sweet cherry variety is Bing

Sweet Cherries
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