Export Directory

Burnette Foods Inc.

PO Box 128

Elk Rapids, MI  49629

Tel: (231) 264-8116

Fax: (231) 264-9597

Contact: Robert Sherman

Email: bob@burnettefoods.com

Website: www.burnettefoods.com

Tart Cherry Products: Pie Filling, Canned and Specialty Products

Cherry Central Inc.

P.O. Box 988

Traverse City, MI  49685

Tel: (231) 946-1860

Fax: (231) 941-4167

Contact: Mark Becker 

Email: mbecker@cherrycentral.com

Website: www.cherrycentral.com

Tart Cherry Products: Puree, Canned , Juice Concentrate, Sweetened Frozen, Unsweetened, Dried Cherries, Block Frozen, Fresh Processed Cherry Juice and Specialty Products

ConAgra Brands

PO Box 1050, 100 Sherman St.

Fennville, MI  49408

Tel: (269) 561-8211

Fax: (269) 561-8772

Contact: Danielle Brien 

Email: danielle.brien@conagra.com

Website: www.conagra.com

Tart Cherry Products: Pie Filling

Fowers Fruit Ranch

215 S. 800 East

Genola, UT 84655

Tel: (801) 754-3966

Fax: (801) 754-3145

Contact: Tami Balzly

Email: fowersfruitranch@digis.net

Website: fowers-fruit-ranch.com

Tart Cherry Products: 5+1, Single Strength Juice and Juice Stock

Graceland Fruit, Inc.

1123 Main Street

Frankfort, MI 49635

Tel: (231) 352-7181

Contact: Brenna Nugent

Email: bnugent@gracelandfruit.com

Wesbite: www.gracelandfruit.com

Tart Cherry Products: Dried Cherries

Honee Bear Canning

72100 M-40 S.

Lawton, MI 49065

Tel: (269) 624-4681

Fax: (269) 624-6009

Contact: Stephanie Ksionzyk

Email: stephanie@honeebear.com

Website: honeebear.com

Tart Cherry Products: Pie Filling and Canned

King Orchards

4620 N. M88

Central Lake, MI 49622

Tel: (231) 544-6479

Contact: Juliette McAvoy

Email: juliette@kingorchards.com

Website: www.kingorchards.com

Tart Cherry Products: Juice Concentrate

Peterson Farms Inc.

3104 W. Baseline Road

Shelby MI 49455

Tel: (231) 861-6333

Fax: (231) 861-2274

Contact: Chantal Wright

Email: cwright@petersonfarmsinc.com

Website: www.petersonfarmsinc.com

Tart Cherry Products: Puree, Juice Concentrate, Sweetened Frozen , Unsweetened, Block Frozen and IQF  

Shoreline Fruit

10850 E. Traverse Hwy, Suite 4460

Traverse City, MI 49684

Tel: (213) 941-4336

Fax: (231) 941-4525

Contact: Brian Gerberding

Email: brian.gerberding@shorelinefruit.com

Website: www.shorelinefruit.com

Tart Cherry Products: Juice Concentrate, Unsweetened, Dried Cherries and Block Frozen and Specialty Products

Anderson Advanced Ingredients

2030 Main Street. Suite 430

Irvine, CA 92614

Tel: (949) 502-4770

Contact: Russ Anderson

Email: russa@andersonglobalgroup.com

Website: http://www.advancedingredients.com/

Tart Cherry Products: CherryPURE® powder