Cherry Fast Facts

There are about 7,000 cherries on an average tart cherry tree. The number varies depending on the age of the tree, weather and growing conditions

It takes about 250 cherries to make a cherry pie, so each three potentially could produce enough cherries for 28 pies

It takes about 6 to 8 pounds of fresh tart cherries to make 1 pound of dried cherries

Cherry trees begin to produce fruit about five years after being planted in the orchards. Full fruit bearing capacity is reached in 5 to 7 years. A fully mature cherry tree is capable of producing up to 500 pounds of fruit in a season

Cherry trees bear fruit for about 25 years; however some trees can produce cherries for 35 years

There are about 100 cherries in an 8-ounce glass on cherry juice

The first commercial tart cherry orchards in Michigan were planted in 1893

The most well known U.S. grown tart (sour) cherry is Montmorency

Cherry Orchard
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